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              DJ CASKETKRUSHER

Name: Stefan Lernout.
Date of birth: July 30, 1993.
Place of birth: Terneuzen, NL.
Biggest influences: DJ Dano, The Prophet, Dwarf Records, Laurent Hô, Marusha, Carl Cox, Scott Brown and Mayday.
Music: Early Hardcore, Early Terror, Happy Hardcore, Hard Trance and Acid.
All time favorite record(s): Drax - Amphetamine, Hiroshima - Cyanide, Wavelan - Over Phase and Hyperact - Monster Sound and many many more.

DJ Casketkrusher is a dutch Early Hardcore producer and DJ. All his work is available here on this website. First he started with producing Goa Trance under the name of Xyloblast. Shortly after that he changed to a new alias named Casketkrusher. Focusing on a totally different style know as "Early Hardcore" totally focusing on the "early" style which he is producing now. Also he works under different aliases with different styles. Ranging from Acid, Hard Trance & Early Terror.

Total Destruction Records is founded by Stefan "DJ Casketkrusher" Lernout at the end of 2013. He wanted to start a label for his own productions, getting the oldskool sound alive! First started as an idea in July with a defunct label called "Alien Force Records". But today Total Destruction Records is born!

[TOTAL 001] Casketkrusher - Let's Get Crazy E.P.

[TOTAL 002[ Sonic Trip (COMING SOON!)

News & update's:

[1 January, 2014] - It's 2014! That means my new label Total Destruction Records has been launched, with it's first release "Casketkrusher - Let's Get Crazy E.P." My new label is specialized in the "oldskool" sound. So no newcore, get a look at my new label and download my first EP!

[17 November, 2013] - After a very long time my new album "Hardcore Files" is released on Creativity First Records! Ranging from Acid to Happy Hardcore! Download the digital version here or buy the cd version here. Or if you want to order the cd version but don't know how to order then just contact me at the contact section under "More/Contact".

[29 September, 2013] - A new page has been added to my website under section "More/100% Vinyl Mixes". As the name implies I will upload here my 100% vinyl mixes, only wax! Also each download link is now accessible. Download whatever you want. Also my new EP "Mental Breakdown" is nearly finished, it is send to Bass Generator Records for release, more info soon.

[31 August, 2013] - My website is updated, each page is up-to-date now. Only the download links are still in progress.

[26 August, 2013] - Today a new compilation album has been released featuring a new track of me called "Black Magic". The compilation is available for free at KyokudoCore Records.

[18 March, 2013] - My new album "Hardcore Files" is completed and is currently being printed on cd. This is going to be a small amount, stay tuned!

[31, December, 2012] - My new track "Let's Go!" is featured on a physical cd album! Mastered by The Speed Freak! I am really happy to be on this compilation with very good producers as well, you can order the album using this link or you can buy my individual track with sending me a personal message.

Last update: 1 January, 2014.